Russian President invited USA to restore co-operation on international information security

In his official statement, Russian President Vladimir Putin invited the USA to agree on a comprehensive program of measures to restore Russian-US co-operation on international information security (IIS). The measures include resuming regular bilateral high-level dialogue; maintaining communication through Nuclear Risk Reduction Centers, Computer Emergency Readiness Teams, and high-level officials; brokering a bilateral agreement on preventing incidents in the information space, which could look like the Agreement on the Prevention of Incidents On and Over the High Seas between the USSR and USA; and mutually guaranteeing non-intervention into the internal affairs of one another, including electoral processes. President Putin also invited the USA to continue bilateral expert dialogue ‘without making it a hostage’ to the political disagreements between the two countries. He also called for a global agreement on a political commitment of states on ‘no-first-strike with the use of ICTs against each other’.