Russian IT companies face difficulties in purchasing equipment

Russian IT companies face challenges in acquiring equipment as Western providers have left the market, making it difficult to purchase parts. Major players like Yandex are impacted, with investments on hold due to sanctions. Baikal and Elbrus processors are in short supply, affecting server availability. Despite government reassurances of normal operations, market sources warn of diminishing Russian equipment stocks.

The largest Russian IT companies are having difficulties purchasing computer equipment because Western equipment providers have exited the market and are no longer supplying parts to Russian IT firms.

Problems with Russian servers will arise as Baikal and Elbrus processor stocks run out and no new stable deliveries are planned.

According to a Russian government source, VK, the Russian online social media and social networking service, requested assistance from the Ministry of Digital Transformation in finding a vendor willing to sell ‘tens of thousands of servers.’ Because of the sanctions, Yandex, Russia’s largest search engine, has halted many of its planned investments in new and experimental services both at home and abroad.

The Ministry of Industry and Trade ‘sees no reason to escalate the situation’, stressing that companies operate normally. Meanwhile, market sources told Kommersant that Russian equipment stocks are rapidly depleting.