Russia publishes new foreign policy concept

Russia publishes a new foreign policy concept to outline its national interests in the foreign policy domain, strategic goals, key tasks as well as priority guidelines of its foreign policy.

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A new version of Russia’s foreign policy concept, approved by President Vladimir Putin, was published on Friday. This document defines the priority areas, goals and objectives of the country’s international activities, and will serve as a road map for the Foreign Ministry and other ministries and agencies.

The 42-page document consists of six sections and a total of 76 paragraphs. The document also focuses on international information security aspects and, in particular, mentions the right to take asymmetric and symmetric measures in case of risks to the country’s sovereignty and territorial integrity, including with the use of modern ICTs (para 26).

The previous version of the concept was adopted in November 2016. The work to update it has lasted for the past few years. In January 2022, the edited document was submitted for discussion with the permanent members of the Security Council. However, as a result of the meeting, the president sent it back for revision. Last December, the head of state considered the draft of the updated concept again at a meeting with the Security Council.