RSF has given Twitter’s newly appointed CEO recommendations to follow to help the company recover

Linda Jaccarino, NBCUniversal’s longtime head of advertising and partnerships, has been named CEO of Twitter. She will be in charge of the social network and will provide media and information security.

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Elon Musk resigned as CEO, and Linda Yaccarino, the former director of advertising and partnerships at NBCUniversal, was officially appointed to lead Twitter. It will formally oversee this social network. Reporters Without Borders (RSF) suggests that it be inspired by the organisation’s recommendations to protect media and information, stop arbitrary rules and manage influential users.

Twitter must restore genuine certification, fight against misinformation, promote reliable information, and rebuild ties with the media. Account certification safeguards media companies against identity theft, and Musk’s purging has eliminated misinformation squads. Furthermore, Twitter must find a way to foster trustworthy media by ensuring that algorithms promote Journalism Trust Initiative-recognised journalism. Twitter should set explicit restrictions, make moderation public, and reintroduce free API access for academics to monitor algorithms.

In addition, the influencer’s user account must have at least 50,000 followers, be associated with a person with political duties or another public figure approved by the platform, and be subject to specified requirements. Furthermore, influencers must be transparent about their political connections and business activities and follow Twitter’s stringent code of behaviour. Fines would be imposed on violators.