RIPE NCC opposed the Chinese «new IP» protocol introduced at ITU

Last September Huawei submitted the original proposal for the New IP at the International Telecommunications Union (ITU) meeting, as well as proposed to set up a formal structure to work on this issue.  Huawei’s proposal was also presented at a side meeting during the IETF 106 meeting in Singapore

The proposal received immediate criticism from the general public and privacy advocates due to its obvious attempt to hide internet censorship features behind a technical redesign of the TCP/IP protocol stack and altering of the governance structure of the Internet.

The ITU is preparing for the World Telecommunication Standardisation Assembly (WTSA) to be held in November. The Assembly is held every four years to mark the start of a new study period and decide what the ITU should be working on at a high level. RIPE NCC sent a response to ITU objecting to continue any formal work on the new IP protocol, saying that any endeavors to review internet protocols should be left to the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF), that has been in charge of defining internet standards for decades.