Resolution on the programme of action (PoA) on cybersecurity adopted

The program of action (PoA) on cybersecurity has been adopted by the First Committee, establishing a permanent mechanism post-2021. Focus is on addressing threats, supporting state capacities, and promoting cooperation with stakeholders. The resolution also involves seeking member state input on the PoA’s scope and structure. It was adopted with 157 in favor, 6 against, and 14 abstentions.

The First Committee of the UNGA has adopted a resolution on the programme of action (PoA) on cybersecurity.

The PoA will be established after the OEWG 2021-2025 as a permanent, inclusive, action-oriented mechanism. It will:

  • discuss existing and potential threats;
  • support States’ capacities and efforts to implement and advance commitments guided by the framework for responsible State behaviour, and discuss, and further develop if appropriate, this framework;
  • promote engagement and cooperation with relevant stakeholders;
  • periodically review the progress made in the implementation of the PoA as well as the PoA’s future work.

The resolution also requests that the Secretary General seek the views of UN member states on the scope, structure and content for the PoA, and the preparatory work and modalities for
its establishment, including at an international conference.

It was adopted by a recorded vote of 157 in favour to 6 against (China, Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, Iran, Nicaragua, Russian Federation, Syria), with 14 abstentions.

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