Research published: The geopolitics of digital standards: China’s role in standard-setting organisations

The Geneva office of the Konrad Adenauer Foundation commissioned a study assessing the role of China in standard settings organisations, with a specific focus on Geneva-based organisations. On December 14th, the DiploFoundation and the Geneva Internet Platform’s research team published the research: ‘The geopolitics of digital standards: China’s role in standard-setting organisations’
Research lead by Sorina Teleanu compiled the country’s inputs, and focused on China’s strategies in the ITU, ISO, IETF and other organizations that are working in particular on digital standards (standards related to the internet, and internet connected systems). On the one hand, there is hope that Chinese involvement may strengthen the adoption of international standards within China. On the other hand, there are growing concerns that China’s increased participation may be guided by goals of national political and economic projection of the state and its private actors that would trump goals of technical efficiency. The report also looks at the broader digital standardisation ecosystem.
Research concluded that  ‘Maintaining the integrity and health of this ecosystem [standard setting] is essential, but actions in this direction should not come in response to the participation of one actor or another. Instead, they should look at the broader picture and focus on issues such as diversity and due process. Read the full report here