Report on Russian speaking users of CSAM on dark web

The report highlights concerning findings from a survey on Russian-speaking users of child sexual abuse material on the dark web. It reveals that many were exposed to this content when minors, progressed from adult to illegal material, and lacked help-seeking behaviors. This data aims to enhance child protection measures and combat online sexual violence against children globally.

A new report from Protect Children has revealed unprecedented results from a survey of Russian speakers who use child sexual abuse material (CSAM) on the dark web. The findings show that many Russian-speaking respondents were first exposed to CSAM when they were under the age of 18; that many Russian-speaking respondents report an escalation from adult pornography to increasingly extreme and illegal material; that most Russian-speaking respondents haven’t sought help for their use of CSAM, or that those who have sought help haven’t received it. This new information will be invaluable in helping to improve global child protection efforts and to strengthen the fight to protect children from sexual violence on the internet.