Putin: Russia and USA to begin consultations on cybersecurity

Russia and the USA are going to begin expert consultations on cybersecurity, Russian president Putin noted in his press conference following the 16 June summit between Putin and US president Biden.

Per Putin, the USA had requested information on 10 separate cybersecurity incidents from Russia, and received “exhaustive” answers in all cases; while Russia sent a total of 80 such requests in 2020 and 2021 and received no answers. Putin also noted that ‘most of the cyberattacks in the world are carried out from the cyber realm of the United States.’

However, he also stated that the two countries ‘just need to abandon various insinuations, sit down at the expert level and start working in the interests of the U.S. and Russia.’

Watch Putin’s press conference in full below.


Biden held his own press conference shortly after Putin. Read about Biden’s remarks on cybersecurity here.