Press freedom report for 2020 published by Reporters Without Borders

According to a recent report by the Reporters Without Borders (RSF), a total of 50 journalists were killed worldwide during 2020 because of their work. 

The five countries topping the list for being the most dangerous for journalists according to RSF are Mexico, Iraq, Afghanistan, India, and Pakistan. 

More than two thirds of the fatalities of journalists are in countries considered to be “at peace.” (68%) with eight journalists killed in Mexico), four in India, three in the Philippines and Honduras. In contrast in 2016, 58% of media fatalities took place in war zones. While in 2002 only 32% of the fatalities are in war-torn countries such as Syria or Yemen or in countries with low or medium-intensity conflicts such as Afghanistan and Iraq. 

Moreso, of all the journalists killed in connection with their work in 2020, 84% were knowingly targeted and deliberately murdered, as compared to  63% in 2019.