Pornhub blocks access in Utah due to new age verification law

Pornhub and other MindGeek sites block Utah access due to new law that requires companies to verify users’ age or risk liability if minors access adult content.

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Pornhub and other adult content websites owned by MindGeek have blocked access to users in Utah due to new state laws that require age verification for accessing websites with adult content. The laws require websites with adult content to verify users’ ages each time they access the site, and companies that do not comply could be held liable if minors access their content. 

The move by Pornhub and other MindGeek companies comes ahead of the law taking effect on 3 May, and social media companies in Utah will also be required to verify the age of all users starting from 1 March 2024. 

The bill’s sponsor, State Sen. Todd Weiler, expects the companies to eventually comply with Utah’s law, while others argue that it could drive people to less regulated sites operating abroad and not subject to US liability law.