Pope Francis to address AI ethics at G7 summit

The Pope’s participation at the summit highlights his commitment to addressing AI’s social implications and fostering global cooperation on ethical practices.

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Pope Francis is set to make history at the upcoming G7 summit in Italy’s Puglia region by becoming the first pope to address the gathering’s discussions on AI. His participation underscores his commitment to ensuring that AI development aligns with human values and serves the common good. The 87-year-old pontiff recognises the potential of AI for positive change but also emphasises the need for careful regulation to prevent its misuse and safeguard against potential risks.

At the heart of the pope’s message is the call for an ethical framework to guide AI development and usage. Through initiatives like the ‘Rome Call for AI Ethics’, the Vatican seeks to promote transparency, inclusion, responsibility, and impartiality in AI endeavours. Notably, major tech companies like Microsoft, IBM, Cisco Systems, and international organisations have endorsed these principles.

During the G7 summit, Pope Francis is expected to advocate for international cooperation in AI regulation. He emphasises the importance of addressing global inequalities in access to technology and mitigating threats like AI-controlled weapons and the spread of misinformation. His presence at the summit signifies a proactive engagement with contemporary issues, reflecting his vision of a Church actively involved in shaping the world’s future.

The pope’s decision to address AI at the G7 summit follows concerns about the rise of ‘deepfake’ technology, exemplified by manipulated images of himself circulating online. He recognises the transformative potential of AI in the 21st century and seeks to ensure its development aligns with human dignity and social justice. Through his participation, Pope Francis aims to contribute to the creation of an ethical and regulatory framework that promotes the responsible use of AI for the benefit of all humanity.