Poland investigating cyberattack on its railways

Russian hackers allegedly breached the Polish railway frequencies bringing nearly 20 trains to a standstill.

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The Polish Press Agency (PAP) on 26 August reported that the Polish intelligence services are investigating a hacking attack on the country’s railways.

It was reported that hackers had breached the railway frequencies and transmitted a signal that led to over 20 trains coming to a standstill near Szczecin, in the north-west part of the country. The report mentioned that the services were restored in a few hours. The agency added that the signals were interspersed with recording of Russia’s national anthem and a speech by President Putin.

Stanislaw Zaryn, a senior security official, shared that Poland’s internal security service ABW was investigating this incident. He added that they “know that for some months there have been attempts to destabilize the Polish state” and that “the Russian Federation has undertaken such attempts in conjunction with Belarus”.

In the meantime, several Western countries have been urging to increase cyber-security precautions over allegations from experts cautioning of Russia’s plans to carry out cyberattacks in Ukraine for testing their hacking tools.

In the past Russia has countered such allegations as “Russophobic”.