PM Narendra Modi calls for global cooperation on AI regulation

Modi’s address at the G20 summit spotlighted the necessity for global collaboration in regulating AI and fortifying efforts toward sustainable development goals.

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At the virtual summit of G20 nations, Indian PM Narendra Modi delivered a notable address, emphasising the need for global regulation of AI. PM focus centred on addressing concerns surrounding the negative implications of AI, particularly highlighting the dangers posed by deepfakes. Modi underscored the urgency for international regulations to ensure AI-generated synthetic content does not adversely impact society and democracy.

India is currently considering formulating rules to govern deepfakes. The objective is to mitigate the potential harms arising from AI-generated content, aligning with the broader aim of securing societal well-being and democratic integrity, stated Modi.

A significant proposal put forth by Modi was the establishment of a Social Impact Fund dedicated to implementing Digital Public Infrastructure (DPI) in countries of the Global South. In a bid to kick-start this initiative, India pledged an initial contribution of USD 25 million and extended an invitation to other nations to join this endeavour. This proposal reflects India’s broader agenda of leveraging technology for socio-economic development, especially in regions that stand to benefit from digital infrastructure enhancements.

Looking ahead to India’s forthcoming hosting of the Global AI Partnership Summit, Modo expressed confidence that all participants will cooperate in this endeavour. This summit is poised to foster collective efforts in shaping global strategies and fostering cooperation in the realm of AI.

Beyond the scope of AI, Modi also spotlighted the pressing need to prioritise renewable energy sources, advocating for a tripling in their usage by 2030. Recognising the efforts made by G20 nations, he urged concrete steps during the upcoming COP-28 conference in the UAE to bolster climate finance initiatives. Modi’s emphasis on these crucial environmental measures aligns with the global commitment to combat climate change.