Phone brands are violating guidelines set by ICT regulator in Kenya

Manufacturers have been ignoring the rules and selling devices without chargers, citing environmental concerns while driving accessory sales.


Samsung and other phone brands sell devices in Kenya without including chargers, which goes against the guidelines set by the country’s ICT regulator, the Communications Authority (CA). Established in 2018, these guidelines specify the requirements and technical standards for mobile devices imported and distributed in Kenya. They cover various devices, including smartphones, and emphasise the need for accessories like earphones and chargers to be included. 

However, manufacturers have disregarded these rules, and the regulator has not taken significant action. The guidelines have even been removed from the regulator’s portal, making them inaccessible. While phone makers argue that environmental concerns drive this decision, it also benefits them financially by encouraging consumers to purchase additional accessories. 

Some Chinese manufacturers still provide chargers and earphones with their devices. Attempts to contact the CA to clarify their enforcement of the guidelines have been unsuccessful.