Particle teams up with Reuters to reinvent news delivery

Partnering with Reuters, Particle aims to explore new business models that could be mutually beneficial.

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Particle, a news-reader startup developed by former Twitter engineers, is partnering with publishers to navigate the evolving landscape of news consumption in the AI era. By leveraging AI technology, Particle aims to provide news summaries from various publishers through its app, offering readers a comprehensive understanding of current events from multiple perspectives. That approach seeks to address concerns within the publishing industry about potential revenue loss due to AI-driven news summaries.

Now, Particle has teamed up with Reuters to explore new business models in a significant move. The startup has subscribed to Reuters newswire to enhance its news delivery capabilities. Additionally, Particle secured $10.9 million in Series A funding led by Lightspeed Venture Partners, with investments from media giant Axel Springer. These partnerships and investments underscore Particle’s commitment to collaborating with publishers to address their needs and goals in the rapidly evolving media landscape.

Particle’s co-founder, Sara Beykpour, emphasises the startup’s focus on delivering value to news consumers beyond AI summaries. With a mission to help readers cut through the noise and understand the news faster, Particle offers a personalised news experience while ensuring exposure to diverse viewpoints. By presenting news stories holistically and integrating perspectives from multiple outlets, Particle aims to combat information overload and mitigate media bias.

Why does it matter?

Despite its innovative approach, Particle has yet to finalise its business model. The startup actively engages with publishers to develop a sustainable model that benefits readers and publishers. Possibilities include revenue sharing, advertising, and more, with input from industry stakeholders shaping the future direction of Particle’s business strategy.