Over $930 million dedicated to connect regional networks in 35 states and Puerto Rico to national networks

Puerto Rico and 35 other communities in the US receives funding to finance middle mile infrastructure needed for more affordable and reliable access to the internet.

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The Biden-Harris Administration’s Middle Mile Program (MMP), framed under the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law (BIL), which is responsible for expanding affordable and reliable internet access in communities across the US, deploys 930,021,354.34 US$ to finance the infrastructure needed to connect communities, military bases and tribal lands to high-speed internet at lower costs in Puerto Rico and 35 communities across the country. The MMP funds construction, improvements, or acquisitions of middle-mile infrastructure and associated administrative costs. During these projects, 12,000 miles of new fibre will pass within 1000 feet of 6,961 community anchor institutions.

After extensive public consultations, applicants to the MMP include tribal governments, utility and telecommunications companies, ad non-profit entities. Requests for funding at the deadline date, 1 November 2022, totalled 7.47 billion, whereas grants offered under the program span from 2.7 million to 88.8 million. Outside funding offered to awardees currently totals 848.46 million. Under the BIL, 65 billion US$ has been invested to date.

Details about the Biden-Harris Administration’s high-speed internet service programs can be found on the ‘Internet for All’ webpage.