Organisations appeal US court to reconsider net neutrality ruling

Appeals were filed by different organisations, asking the court to review the decision that upheld the Federal Communications Commission’s repeal of net neutrality rules last October. In its petition, Mozilla affirms that ‘the FCC decided that broadband access is not a telecommunications service (…) and instead reclassified it as an information service’ and ‘as a consequence, ISPs are permitted to block or throttle Internet access, demand pay-to-play ransom from Internet edge providers, or otherwise interfere with end users’ access to the Internet.’ This appeal was also signed by some companies, the industry lobby group Incompas, and the Ad Hoc Telecom Users Committee, representing business users of communications services. Moreover, other three appeals were also filed by advocacy groups and commissions. The court must decide whether it will grant the request for a new hearing of the case. If not, the petitioners may appeal to the Supreme Court.