OpenAI responds to Elon Musk’s allegations dismissing lawsuit

OpenAI dismissess Elon Musk’s claims that they have abandoned their mission to benefit humanity.

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OpenAI, the creator of ChatGPT, has dismissed Elon Musk’s allegations that the company has shifted away from its original mission of developing AI for the benefit of humanity. Musk recently filed a lawsuit, claiming breach of contract and asserting that OpenAI is now primarily focused on profitability with Microsoft’s backing. In response, OpenAI intended to dismiss all of Musk’s claims. The company clarified that Musk had suggested merging OpenAI with Tesla and attaching it as a ‘cash cow’ to the electric vehicle maker.

The disagreement between Musk and OpenAI arose when they decided to create a for-profit entity in 2017 to generate funds for building artificial general intelligence (AGI). Musk sought majority equity, initial board control, and the CEO position at OpenAI. However, negotiations broke down as OpenAI believed that absolute control by any individual contradicted its mission. Musk’s lawsuit claimed that the three founders originally agreed to work on AGI to benefit humanity.

The legal dispute also revealed Musk’s influence on OpenAI’s funding commitments. In 2015, Musk urged the company to announce a $1 billion funding commitment, deviating from the initial plan of raising $100 million.

OpenAI expressed sadness over the situation, stating that Musk, whom they deeply admired, became a competitor, sued them, and questioned their progress toward the mission. Musk and Tesla have yet to respond to requests for comments on OpenAI’s blog post.

The legal dispute between Musk and OpenAI represents a culminating move, showcasing the clash between their differing views on control, OpenAI’s intended merger with Tesla, and the creation of a for-profit entity. These lasting disagreements have prompted Musk to establish a competing AI startup, xAi, in July 2023, despite their shared history as co-founders.