OpenAI finances a fresh initiative focused on journalism ethics

OpenAI will provide funding for a journalism ethics initiative. This initiative is aimed at supporting high-quality journalism, which is essential for the purpose of training OpenAI’s algorithms.

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OpenAI will fund a $395,000 grant for a journalism ethics initiative at NYU’s Carter Journalism Institute. The initiative also incorporates $50,000 of backing from the Journalism Venture Capital Fund at the Carter Journalism Institute. It includes workshops, discussions, research, and training for students to explore responsible ways AI can support the news industry.

OpenAI is launching an initiative led by former Reuters editor Stephen Adler. This initiative will address important ethical issues in journalism, such as privacy, disinformation, and political campaigning. Quality journalism is vital for training OpenAI’s algorithms, and this initiative reflects OpenAI’s commitment to ensuring a positive role for AI in the news sector. With trust in media declining and technology presenting new challenges, OpenAI aims to support ethical journalism and contribute to advancing the field.