OpenAI CEO and IBM chief privacy and trust officer to testify before the US Senate

US Senate Subcommittee summons OpenAI CEO Sam Altman and IBM’s Christina Montgomery to discuss AI regulation.

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The US Senate Judiciary Subcommittee on Privacy, Technology & the Law has summoned OpenAI CEO Sam Altman and Christina Montgomery, Chief Privacy and Trust Officer at IBM, to participate in a discussion on the regulation of Artificial Intelligence (AI) on 16 May.

The subcommittee aims to address the need for laws that can effectively protect American citizens, considering the impact of AI in various sectors such as healthcare, finance, and workplace monitoring.

Senator Richard Blumenthal, the panel chair, underscored the urgent requirement for rules and safeguards to govern AI, given its tremendous potential and associated risks. This hearing marks the beginning of the subcommittee’s oversight and examination of advanced algorithms and powerful technologies employed in the field of AI.