New campaign to educate voters on AI misinformation ahead of 2024 elections

The effort intends to address concerns over AI’s role in spreading fake content and promote voter awareness and literacy in this digital era.

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According to Politico, a new campaign is looking to fight AI misinformation with AI. AIandYou, a nonprofit organization, is launching a public awareness campaign to educate voters about AI’s potential impact on the upcoming election in an attempt to counteract AI-generated misinformation. Still in its early stages, the initiative includes various outreach efforts, such as informational videos and an online database of election-related AI news and resources.

The organization plans to use AI-generated content, including deepfake videos, to familiarize voters with this technology. For instance, they might create a deepfake video of President Joe Biden saying something he never said, followed by a disclaimer directing viewers to the nonprofit’s resources.

AIandYou’s goal is to promote AI literacy among voters, especially targeting young people of color and women, who are expected to significantly influence the 2024 elections. It comes as a response to the growing concerns among strategists and politicians about the potential for AI-generated fake content to influence voters.

Why does it matter?

Concerns are growing as politicians and strategists worry about the surge of fake content aimed at voters, driven by AI advancements. As the 2024 election approaches, some tech companies, like Google, have taken action by introducing regulations that mandate labels on political ads utilizing AI tools and synthetic content. Additionally, the AIandYou campaign’s endeavor to target specific demographics, such as Hispanic voters, with Spanish-language AI-generated ads is significant due to their susceptibility to misinformation, as underscored by previous studies.