Next Generation Internet report on digital trustmarks

The Next Generation Internet (NGI), an initiative by the European Commission has through its policy and strategy entity, NGI Forward, published a report on digital trustmarks. Digital trustmarks are an established mechanism that, according to the report, help users build confidence in goods and services online. The report analyses benefits of using trustmarks in areas such as cybersecurity, the Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence and disinformation. It also highlights main challenges of recognition, legitimacy and a governance structure of an over-arching trustmark. The authors propose a single, overarching NGI Digital Trustmark that would support responsible use of technology and human-centered Internet. In conclusion, the report calls upon the EU Commission to take a global lead by developing a European trustmark for digital products, services and technologies. The NGI initiative  aims to convene a multistakeholder process to further ‘co-develop and co-design elements of a potential trustmark’.