New York judge rules that former Uber drivers are eligible for unemployment benefits

13 Jun 2017

An administrative law judge for New York State Labor Department has ruled that three former Uber drivers and ‘others similarly situated’ were eligible for unemployment benefits. Although Uber considers its drivers to be self-employed, the judge has reasoned that ‘Uber exercised sufficient supervision, direction, and control over key aspects of the services rendered by claimants such that an employer-employee relationship was created’. One issues that remains unclear in the ruling is the meaning of the term ‘similarly situated’.

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Historically, telecommunications, broadcasting, and other related areas were separate industry segments; they used different technologies and were governed by different regulations.

It is frequently mentioned that the Internet is changing the way in which we work. ICTs have blurred the traditional routine of work, free time, and sleep (8+8+8 hours), especially in multinational corporation working environment. It is increasingly difficult to distinguish where work starts and where it ends. These changes in working patterns may require new labour legislation, addressing such issues as working hours, the protection of labour interests, and remuneration.


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