New York City public schools lift restrictions on ChatGPT use

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The New York City school system recently lifted its restriction on the use of ChatGPT in public schools, allowing access to this technology. Previously, access to ChatGPT in New York City public schools was restricted due to concerns about potential misuse. Such a prohibition also applies to websites like YouTube, Netflix, and Roblox, which require schools to request access for their staff and students.

Chancellor David Banks stated in an opinion piece that the decision to lift the restriction was made after consulting experts. The school system plans to provide resources and support to help educators and students learn about and explore AI technology, including successful implementation examples and a toolkit for classroom discussions. The schools will also gather information from experts to assist in using AI tools effectively.

The chancellor added that Generative artificial intelligence has the potential to cause significant shifts in society, and it is essential to ensure that the benefits of this technology are distributed fairly to prevent widening socioeconomic gaps. It is crucial to educate students about AI’s ethical concerns and prepare them for AI-related job opportunities.