New report reveals how US adolescents engage with or experience pornography online

A new report unveils that 75% of US teens view online pornography by age 17, with an average first exposure at 12. The study aims to understand adolescent porn use, revealing exposure to violent and stereotypical content. Many felt ashamed after viewing, yet 45% found it informative about sex. LGBTQ teens noted it helped them understand their sexuality.

According to research by Common Sense Media, 75% of US teens have seen online pornography by the time they are 17, with the average age of first exposure being 12 years old. The report’s goals are to provide a baseline for understanding US teens’ pornography use and to comprehend the role that internet pornography plays in adolescent life in the USA.

The study was based on a poll of 1,358 Americans between the ages of 13 and 17. More than half of those surveyed admitted to seeing pornographic footage of violent crimes like rape, suffocation, or people in pain. The majority of respondents claimed that Asian, Black, and Latino stereotypes were depicted in pornography. After seeing porn, more than half of the respondents claimed they felt bad or ashamed. Meanwhile, 45% of respondents felt that pornography gave them useful information about sex. Teenagers who identify as L.G.B.T.Q. in particular claimed it helped them learn more about their sexuality.