New ransomware gang CryptNet discovered

The ransomware-as-a-service (RaaS) was observed by cybersecurity investigation company ZeroFox.

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According to ZeroFox, the gang has been advertising its services on the dark forum RAMP under the username ‘shrinbaba’. The advertisement boasts that CryptNet’s software is the fastest ransomware in the world and undetectable, with several features such as offline encryption, the ability to delete shadow copies, disable backup services, and a chat panel for negotiations. ZeroFox wrote. The gang is offering a 90% cut to anyone who deploys its software for a cyberattack, an unusually high amount.

Zerofax believes the gang has a Russian connection as it was found in a Russian-speaking part of the dark web.

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New ransomware gang CryptNet discovered 2

The post made by the gang on RAMP. Source: ZeroFox Intelligence