NATO held annual cyber defence exercise

NATO held its annual Cyber Coalition exercise, aimed at boosting member countries’ cyber resilience. The five-day event tested participants’ abilities to defend networks and operate together in cyberspace.

Between 28 November and 2 December 2022, NATO held its Cyber Coalition 2022 cyber defence exercise with the goal of boosting member countries’ cyber resilience.

The exercise involved 1000 cyber defenders from 26 NATO allies, Finland, Sweden, Georgia, Ireland, Japan, Switzerland, and the EU, as well as experts from business and academia.

Cyber Coalition 2022 was used to test and validate concepts, capture requirements, or explore disruptive technologies, in support of military operators and commanders. It included experiments on the use of artificial intelligence to help counter cyber threats, on the standardisation of cyber messages to foster information sharing, and on the exploitation of cyber threat intelligence to inform cyberspace situational awareness.