Musk says Twitter will soon introduce new features

Elon Musk revealed details about new features including adding calls and encrypted messaging coming to the platform as well as what happens to inactive accounts.

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On Tuesday, Elon Musk revealed details about new features coming to Twitter, including adding calls and encrypted messaging to the platform. The call feature on Twitter will bring the platform closer in terms of features to Meta’s social media applications, like Facebook and Instagram. Musk mentioned a version of encrypted direct messages would be available on Twitter starting Wednesday but did not say if calls would be encrypted.

He also announced through tweets that Twitter will start removing accounts that have been inactive for several years this week, noting that the action is ‘important to free up abandoned handles.’ Musk said inactive accounts would be archived but did not add details on when the process will begin.

However, it remains unclear what happens to the accounts of the deceased. Twitter faces uncertainty surrounding how they will manage the accounts of deceased individuals, particularly those not controlled by their estates. The situation with singer Amy Winehouse’s account, which has remained active and secure since her passing in 2011, contrasts with journalist Jamal Khashoggi, whose account risks deletion due to the absence of activity since his assassination in 2018. Furthermore, the status of former US President Donald Trump’s account is also uncertain, despite Elon Musk’s reinstatement in November 2022, as it has remained inactive since his followers stormed the Capitol in January 2021.