Musk expresses concerns over the potential failure of X after the glitch

The glitch led to the deletion of images posted before December 2014 and raised speculations about cost-saving efforts.

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Elon Musk, the owner of the social media platform formerly known as Twitter, expressed concerns about its potential failure after a glitch caused the deletion of pictures posted before December 2014. In a post on the site, Musk lamented the absence of exceptional social networks and acknowledged the possibility of failure.

Over the weekend, a glitch removed pictures and links from posts predating December 2014, and some users speculated this was due to cost-saving measures. The glitch affected iconic posts, including Ellen DeGeneres’ famous Oscars selfie. Recent reports indicated slowed access from X to other social media and news sites. Musk has been focused on reducing costs since taking over Twitter, which has led to staff cuts, but revenue challenges persist, with a significant drop in advertising revenue reported recently. Lawsuits for unpaid bills also loom over the company.

Why does it matter?

This sheds light on the challenges and uncertainties surrounding Elon Musk’s attempt to reshape and revitalize the once-dominant social media platform, now rebranded as ‘X.’ The glitch causing the deletion of old images underscores the technical issues that can undermine user trust and experience on the platform, further affecting the drop in advertising revenue. Musk’s actions raise questions about the viability of cost-cutting strategies and whether he can effectively balance innovation, user engagement, and financial sustainability.