Most cyber-attacks on the UK are from hostile states, says NCSC

The National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) of the United Kingdom (UK) has published its Annual Review 2018. The report claims that the NCSC has dealt with well over 1000 cyber security incidents during the two years of its existence. The perpetrators of the majority of these attacks were described as “groups of hackers directed, sponsored or tolerated” by the governments of states hostile to the UK. These groups were named as the most acute and direct cyber threats to the national security of the country. The CEO of the NCSC has stated his belief that the UK will be a target of a major attack in the next few years, warning that there is a constant threat from countries who attack critically important national networks to pre-position themselves for a future major attack. In this regard, he give the example of Russia’s pre-positioning in the UK’s critical sectors.