Montserrat connects to subsea fibre-optic cable system

Connectivity has been re-established with the subsea fibre-optic cable system for Montserrat through collaboration between the Montserrat government and Southern Caribbean Fiber (SCF). The Montserrat Subsea Fibre Optic Project was funded by the UK funded Capital Investment Programme for Resilient Economic Growth (CIPREG). Through the programme, fibre-optic cables connecting Montserrat to Antigua and Guadeloupe have been successfully installed. Montserrat’s fibre-optic connectivity was cut over 20 years ago following the Soufriere Hills Volcano’s eruption and all telephony and data communications have been facilitated through a microwave network to Antigua. Due to the re-establishment of connectivity, the government intends to offer more e-government services and pursue distance learning and telemedicine innovations for the benefit of citizens. The agreement between the government and the SCF will see the SCF maintaining and operating the fibre link and provide 10 years of high speed broadband Internet access for the delivery of government services at no extra cost.