Montenegro attributes cyberattacks on key state infrastructure to Russian actors

Montenegro is facing cyberattacks on vital infrastructure. The country’s defense minister is attributing the attacks to Russia as Montenegro decided to support sanctions. Montenegro is receiving help from NATO allies, but mainly from France.

Cyberattacks in Montenegro persist, targeting key infrastructure such as electricity and water supply systems, transportation services, and online portals citizens use. At the time of writing, Bleeping Computer states that the official website of the government of Montenegro is unreachable.

The country’s defense minister has blamed Russian actors for the attacks, telling local media on Saturday that there is enough evidence to suspect the attack was ‘directed by several Russian services’.

Montenegro is currently battling polarisation which has been impacted by the current government’s decision to support sanctions against Russia. This has sparked outrage from certain demographic groups and, in some cases like now, even external attacks.

Montenegro is currently receiving assistance from NATO allies to block the attacks, with most notable efforts coming from France. The country has deployed a French Agency for Information Systems Security (ANSSI) team to assist in the defense of critical systems and the restoration of compromised networks.