Ministry takes steps to ensure reliable fibre optic network in Peru

The Ministry of Transport and Communications in Peru is ensuring the reliability of the National Fibre Optic Backbone through measures such as authorizing its ongoing operation and exploring long-term management options. This initiative aims to provide high-speed internet connectivity across the country and alleviate network congestion for public institutions.

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Peru’s Ministry of Transport and Communications (MTC) has authorised the ongoing operation of the National Fibre Optic Backbone (RDNFO) through a new directive. The MTC has been granted the power to implement necessary measures to ensure the uninterrupted functioning of the RDNFO, such as contracting specialised operators to manage the service until a permanent transfer is possible. These actions are facilitated by the National Telecommunications Programme (Pronatel). Additionally, Pronatel has initiated a study to explore potential options for selecting a company to manage the network in the long term.

The RDNFO is a significant project in Peru that involves the installation of 13,500 kilometres of fibre optic cable across the country, aimed at providing high-speed internet connectivity. The MTC is responsible for managing the RDNFO, and with the new decree, they are ensuring its continuous operation. Moreover, public institutions in Peru are utilising the RDNFO to alleviate network congestion.