Ministerial Roundtables at ITU Digital World: Top five takeaways

The International Telecommunication Union (ITU) held the ITU Digital World 2021 on 12 – 15 October in Ha Noi, Viet Nam under the theme: ‘Building the digital world. Together.’ During the conference, five Ministerial Roundtables were convened to bring ministers, regulators, and industry leaders to share experiences and lessons and underline the collective global commitment to improve lives through technology. The main five takeaways of these roundtables are:

  1. COVID-19 has catalysed digital transformation. The challenge now is to maintain momentum and sustain the pace.
  2. Every government must step up as the leader, enabler, regulator, investor, and provider of critical services and content. The digital transformation mindset has to start from the top.
  3. The digital divide threatens to deepen – both within and between societies. Governments and companies must prioritise closing the gaps – not just in connectivity, but also in usage and opportunity.
  4. People are at the heart of digital transformation. Digitalising public services will transform societies but this should be based around open data platforms, transparency, ease of use, and citizens’ needs.
  5. Affordable devices and plans, fast and reliable services, and relevant, compelling content are all critical elements in bringing everyone online. Digital skills are the keystone of digital transformation.