Meta’s Oversight Board expands jurisdiction to include Threads for content appeals

Expanding its reach, the Oversight Board of Meta Platforms now includes the social media platform Threads within its jurisdiction, enabling users to appeal decisions related to content moderation.

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Meta Platforms’ Oversight Board announced its extension of jurisdiction to include the social media platform Threads, enabling users to appeal content moderation decisions made by Meta. With 130 million users on Threads, the board will now handle content-related cases on this platform. The Oversight Board will assess Meta’s content decisions for Threads based on Instagram’s community guidelines, which also apply to Threads. In a blog post, the board aimed to enhance Threads’ transparency, adopt a global approach, and uphold freedom of expression and other human rights.

Established in late 2020, Meta independently operates and funds the Oversight Board. Initially tasked with reviewing content decisions on Facebook and Instagram, the board comprises academics, rights experts, and lawyers responsible for determining whether to uphold or overturn the social media company’s actions. While Meta can implement policy and enforcement recommendations from the board’s decisions about Threads for 12 months, it is restricted from implementing product-specific recommendations, as clarified by the board.