Meta ramps up AI focus as it juggles Metaverse ambitions and competition

Meta is ramping up its focus on artificial intelligence (AI) as it strives to establish itself as a major player in the tech industry. CEO Mark Zuckerberg emphasizes the pivotal role of AI in shaping the metaverse and driving revenue growth. Despite challenges, Meta remains committed to both AI and the metaverse, positioning itself for a dynamic future.

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Meta is aiming to establish itself as a significant player in the field of artificial intelligence (AI) as it faces competition from other tech giants. Meta recently launched the AI Sandbox, which allows marketers to use AI to create more options for ads, and announced Meta Lattice, an AI-driven model to improve ad performance on its networks.

CEO Mark Zuckerberg has emphasised the importance of AI for Meta’s revenue growth and its role in creating dynamic and accessible virtual reality experiences in the Metaverse. However, this shift has led to confusion among employees and investors regarding the company’s core focus.

Compared to its competitors, Meta’s AI offerings have been viewed as more modest. While Microsoft, Google, and startups have made strides in developing innovative AI technologies like chatbots, Meta has faced setbacks with its own projects, including the Galatica language model and BlenderBot 3 chatbot, which generated negative publicity due to inaccurate and hateful output. Nevertheless, the company remains committed to both AI and the metaverse, according to Zuckerberg, as it seeks to secure its financial performance and employee morale.