Meta introducing AI Sandbox for advertisers

Meta is granting access to generative AI tools to advertisers.

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Meta announced the launch of new AI-powered tools and services for advertisers, including the AI Sandbox, which allows advertisers to test generative AI-powered ad tools, as part of Meta’s efforts to demonstrate the value of AI investments amid slowing ad growth. The AI Sandbox allows businesses to test and experiment with generative AI capabilities for advertising as well as new features in the Meta Advantage Suite.

The AI tool enables the creation of new content based on the vast stores of past data of Meta’s subsidiaries Facebook and Instagram. Among the new features are text variation, background generation and image outcropping. After testing the Sandbox with a small group, Meta will gradually give access to more advertisers in July. The announcement of Meta came only one day after Alphabet’s Google revealed to start offering AI integrations into its products.

The company also revealed AI-powered updates to Meta Advantage, such as an automated performance comparisons report and features to improve audience reach and dynamic video ads, showcasing Meta’s ongoing investments in AI and its potential to deliver better ad campaign results.