Meta announced new parental supervision features

Meta introduced new parental supervision tools aiming to improve children’s safety on social media. The features allow parents to see their children’s contacts on Facebook’s Messenger app and monitor their privacy settings, among other.

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Meta announced the addition of new features that allows parents in the United States, United Kingdom, and Canada to see their children’s contacts on Facebook’s Messenger app. Parents can also monitor their children’s time on Messenger and their privacy settings, but they can’t see the content. In addition, Instagram is testing new privacy features to protect teens from unwanted interactions, such as limiting messaging to text-only and requiring permission to connect. Quiet Mode on Instagram is also launched globally to reduce distractions, encouraging teens to establish time limits on Facebook, and providing parents with expanded options to oversee their teenagers’ activities on Instagram.

Additional tools aiming to give parents more visibility into their teens’ experiences on the app and courage children to have conversations with their parents include:

  • After blocking someone, teens will receive a notice encouraging them to add their parents to support their Instagram accounts.
  • Parents will be able to view the accounts their teen follows and is followed by on Instagram and see how many friends they have in common with those accounts.
  • Parents can customise the types of notifications they want to receive and adjust the frequency at which they receive them.