Meta and EU agree to stress test online content regulations

The decision comes after EU industry chief Thierry Breton urged Meta to take immediate action regarding its content targeting children.

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Meta and the European Union (EU) have agreed to conduct a stress test in July to assess the EU’s online content regulations. The decision was prompted by the EU industry chief Thierry Breton’s call for immediate action from Meta regarding its content targeting children. 

In a tweet, Breton mentioned having a productive discussion with Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg on EU digital rules, including the Digital Services Act (DSA), the Digital Markets Act (DMA), and the AI Act. Breton also highlighted that 1,000 Meta employees are working on implementing the DSA. 

In June, Breton stated that Meta must demonstrate its compliance measures with the DSA before 25 August or face severe penalties. The DSA prohibits specific types of targeted advertisements on online platforms, particularly those directed at children or involving sensitive personal data categories like ethnicity, political views, and sexual orientation. Meta has not yet responded to a request for comment from Reuters.