McAfee reports alarming growth in cyberbullying in children

McAfee has released a report “Hidden in Plain Sight: More Dangers of Cyberbullying Emerge”  which is a follow up research  to the Connected Family Study released early this year. This report focuses on cyberbullying based on a study conducted in 10 countries.

Cyberbullying has increased in 2022 from 2021 with 60% children and 70% parents being more concerned on the issue than last year. The top three forms of cyberbullying were name calling, exclusion, and false rumors.

Parents reported an increase in cyberbullying cases with racist attacks on children as young as ten years. Globally 1 in 4 (28%) children have suffered racially motivated cyberbullying. The highest being in the US (34%) and India (42%). 

Children experienced cyber bullying mostly on social media and messaging platforms, the highest being on Meta, despite several measures being taken by the platform. This has led millions of children to delete their social media accounts.

Children reported that most of the bullying was done by people who they knew and nearly half the bullies never realised they were bullying. India is the only exception, which reported more incidents of cyberbullying at the hands of strangers (70%) than by someone the child knows (66%). 

As a result of the growing number of incidents, parents are seeking therapy for their children to deal with cyber bullying.