Logistics of the future in Sustainable Smart Ports supports sustainable development

During the UN Goals Week 2019: Action for People and Planet, the Logistics of the future in Sustainable Smart Ports project was showcased to the United Nations Global Solutions Forum at Columbia University in New York on September 25, as part of the UN Climate Week. The project defined an innovative model to assess the introduction of new technologies such as 5G in port processes and explore how digital transformation can uphold sustainable development. Results showed that 5G connectivity can generate about 60 direct and indirect benefits for the port system including an increase in competitiveness, increased safety for personnel, the sustainable growth of the port city, management of responsible business in logistics, and a positive environmental impact that is estimated in CO2 savings of 8.2 percent per year. ‘5G technology, artificial intelligence functionality, and Internet of Things solutions at the port of Livorno can optimise the logistics of operations and boost efficiency, which in turn helps cut down on emissions while keeping the workplace safe. Ports are fundamental to the global economy, responsible for up to 90 percent of goods being transferred all over the world. A wider adoption of 5G ports would therefore have a huge environmental impact,’ said, Ericsson Head of Sustainability and Corporate Responsibility, Market Area Europe and Latin America, Rossella Cardone.