LinqAI makes bid to better integrate AI into the business world

Startup LinqAI says it will be more efficient to businesses by integrating training sets adapted to the domain and company.

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As the market for AI applications in specific domains keeps growing, startup LinqAI has found its niche within the financial sector. This platform seeks to make AI tools that are able to adapt to any business environment and take care of simpler tasks like facilitating research or synthesising data. 

LinqAI presents the advantage of being trained on materials and large language models (LLMs) relevant to their sector, making this tool more adapted to client’s use cases. It will be entering a field which rapidly adapted to the use of AI. Bloomberg has an AI tool to summarise earning calls, while S&P uses AI to extract relevant information from documents. However, co-founder Jacob Chanyeol Choi says his AI tool goes beyond competitors, introducing a company-specific data-gathering system which will ‘seamlessly integrate with a company’s data ecosystem’. 

The tool’s website commits to a ‘no-harvesting’ data policy and transparency with its community. ‘we do not collect or utilise user data for any purposes outside of the immediate functional requirements of our AI tools’, it says. 

LinqAI was recently able to secure USD 6.6 million in funding from various organisations and investment firms.