Lego’s digital reform as an inspiration for forthcoming AI transformation

Lego’s successful digital transformation journey could inspire approach to forthcoming AI transformation of businesses and organisations wordlwide.

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Lego’s digital transformation began in 2003 after a near-death experience, and it has since adapted to the rise of video gaming and the digital age by introducing a global enterprise-software system, launching digital games and franchises, and focusing on direct-to-consumer sales. The company’s five-year transformation drive, initiated in 2019, has led to significant sales growth, online portal visits, and collaborations with video-gaming firms.

The McKinsey study highlights three lessons from Lego for the forthcoming AI transformation of many businesses:

First, need for a top-down strategy, a clear road map, and ambitious goals.

Second, build your system and rely on use applications on the market when it is needed.

Third, retrain existing tech workers and change the organisational culture.

These three lessons from Lego’s digital transformation could be useful for the forthcoming AI transformation of many businesses.

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