Latvia, the USA, and Canada conclude three-month cybersecurity mission

These cyber threat search operations, known as ‘Hunt Forward Operations,’ are conducted by the US Cyber Command when requested by allied nations. In this case, the support was provided in response to a request from Latvia’s main cybersecurity response centre and the Latvian Ministry of Defense.

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A joint team comprising cybersecurity specialists from the US Armed Forces Cyber Command, Canadian Armed Forces Cyber Command, and the Canadian Cyber Security Center worked together under the leadership of Latvia’s main cybersecurity response centre CERT.LV to enhance the cybersecurity defences of Latvia’s critical infrastructure.

During the operation, both the US and Canadian teams, under the leadership of CERT.LV, worked together in various networks, sharing information and exchanging threat indicators. By sharing real-time information about cybersecurity threats, these allied nations aim to enhance their joint cyber resilience and defence capabilities.

The three-month cooperation operation was conducted from February to April 2023 and involved a team of approximately 12 specialists from CNMF collaborating with Latvia’s main cybersecurity response centre, CERT.LV.