Kenya and UNDP signed agreement on digital inclusion to close the gender gap

Kenya and UNDP have signed digital inclusion deal to advance data management, digital jobs, train workers, and promote digital firms. The goal is to reduce the gender gap and close digital barriers.


Digital inclusion deal was signed between Kenya and the UN Development Program (UNDP) aiming to advance data governance and foster the growth of digital jobs and businesses. Anthony Ngororano, the resident representative for UNDP Kenya, stated that addressing digital skill challenges, data management, and digital job access will unlock Kenya’s digital economy potential, bridging public-private sectors and closing gender divides.

According to a 2021 survey, only 35% of Kenyan women use modern digital services, compared to 54% of males. Discrimination, societal standards, educational divide, location, and a lack of desire contribute to this disparity. By 2025, the digital economy in Africa is expected to be worth Sh1.4 trillion, according to data from Accenture’s Africa GDP. Still, the nation must address the growing digital gap to achieve this goal. The agreement was hailed by ICT CS Eliud Ovalo, who noted that it will boost Kenya’s National Digital Master Plan 2022–2032.