ITU launches redesigned 2020 Guidelines on Child Online Protection

The International Telecommunication Union(ITU) has launched an updated version of its  2020 Guidelines on Child Online Protection (COP) which contains recommendations on how to protect children online, including children with disability in the digital era. The 2020 COP Guidelines has been co-authored by ITU and a working group of contributing authors from leading institutions active in the information and communications technology (ICT) sector and online child protection issues.

The 2020 Guidelines are addressed to four key stakeholders: children, parents and educators, the industry,  and policymakers.

Speaking at the launch, Ms Doreen Bogdan-Martin (Director, Telecommunication Development Bureau, ITU) stated ’The new COP Guidelines are designed to serve as a blueprint that can be adapted and used by different countries and stakeholders in a way that is consistent with national and local customs and laws […] and can be considered as an initial step in engaging all relevant stakeholders – governments, the private sector, parents and teachers’ associations, and children themselves – in discussions around targeted measures and actions to create a safer online environment.’