ITU and EU to collaborate on global internet access promotion

The new ITU-EC project aims to enhance internet access worldwide, leveraging €3m over 3 years to advance policy approaches and recommendations.

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The International Telecommunication Union (ITU) and the European Commission (EC) have partnered on a new project, ‘ Promoting and measuring universal and meaningful digital connectivity’, under the European Union’s Global Gateway initiative. 

The project’s main goal is to enhance internet access and skills for everyone globally, using 3 million euros over three years to improve policy approaches and provide recommendations for better internet and mobile access. 

Moreover, the project will prioritise universal and meaningful connectivity while generating more accurate and comprehensive data to support evidence-based policymaking, funding sourcing, and project implementation. 

The ITU-EC project will also help guide investment and support towards targets for universal and meaningful connectivity established by a multistakeholder working group. A dedicated dashboard will be available later this year to share data and track progress on universal meaningful connectivity indicators.