Israel’s strategic infrastructure project: A fibre-optic connection from Mediterranean to Red Sea

Israel plans to construct a 254-kilometer fiber-optic cable along its existing oil pipeline, connecting Europe to Gulf countries and Asia, while positioning itself as a communication land bridge.

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Israel has announced plans to construct a 254-kilometre (158-mile) fibre-optic cable that will establish a continuous connection between Europe, the Gulf countries, and Asia. The cable will be built by state-owned energy group EAPC, utilizing the route of an existing oil pipeline from Ashkelon on the Mediterranean coast to Eilat on the Red Sea. EAPC’s CEO, Itzik Levy, stated that this project would position Israel as a crucial communication land bridge between the Gulf countries, Asia, and Europe. The cable will connect to subsea cables near Israel’s shores and will be accessible to licensed telecom companies under a 25-year lease.

Additionally, the fibre-optic deployment along the pipeline route will aid in monitoring terrain changes and detecting potential leaks, addressing concerns raised by environmental groups regarding the pipeline’s safety record.