Israeli startup Bridgewise raises $21 million for AI investment research

Amidst a finance industry embracing technological advancements, Bridgewise’s innovative approach to investment research has garnered significant attention, with its recent $21 million funding round marking a milestone in its journey.

AI Brain: Digital graphic design showcasing AI technology.

Bridgewise, a Tel Aviv-based startup harnessing AI for investment research, has secured $21 million in funding amidst a surge in technology adoption within the finance industry. Founded in 2019, the company employs machine-learning algorithms trained on historical data to offer tailored investment analysis to brokerages, wealth advisors, and major exchanges like Nasdaq and the London Stock Exchange. Their robo-advisor, Bridget, can provide personalised financial insights akin to a conversational ChatGPT experience.

The latest funding round, led by SIX Group alongside Group 11 and L4 Venture Builder, aims to propel Bridgewise’s global expansion and the development of new AI tools. With 50 clients and a presence on 35 trading platforms, Bridgewise caters to users in 22 languages across 15 countries, including Australia, Japan, Singapore, and the US. Their research covers over 36,000 equities and 14,500 exchange-traded or mutual funds, continuously updated with real-time data sourced from news reports and social media.

Gaby Diamant, Bridgewise’s CEO, emphasised the company’s mission to simplify investment analysis, regardless of language barriers or financial jargon comprehension. Bridgewise’s innovative approach extends to its micro language model (MLM), which delivers conversational analysis in the user’s preferred language. While larger language models like OpenAI’s GPT-4 boast trillion-parameter capabilities, Bridgewise’s MLM optimises efficiency and expertise by focusing on specific datasets, a strategy poised to evolve into larger language models tailored to specific markets and customer needs.